Planned Parenthood Video Calls Virginity ‘Made Up’ and Not Inclusive of ‘Queer People’

Planned Parenthood
by Kate Anderson


Planned Parenthood released a video Wednesday arguing that virginity is a “completely made up concept” and complains that the term leaves out queer people.

The video opens with a woman in a classroom, who argues that the word virginity was “created simply to control and shame people” and later claims that the reason “virginity is whack” is because “sex means different things to different people.” The woman says that the traditional definition of virginity, “penetration – penis into vagina,” doesn’t fit queer people or those who choose to have other kinds of sex such as anal.

“But where does that definition leave queer people? Or folks who can’t, or don’t, have penis-in-vagina sex, and choose to have oral, anal, or another type of sex instead? And not everyone’s first sexual experience is consensual, meaning that they were forced or pressured into having sex,” the woman explains.

The woman in the Planned Parenthood video also criticizes the “double standard” surrounding sex for men v. women, arguing that “society can put pressure on men for not having sex at the exact same time that they shame women for having it.” She says that people should “throw away the notion of ‘losing your virginity’” and instead call it “gaining” something, according to the video.

The woman concludes by saying the main thing to remember is sex and virginity are relative and that each person can decide what they think those terms mean.

“Maybe that’s being fingered for the first time,” the woman says in the video. “Maybe it’s having anal sex. Maybe it’s having your first orgasm. Maybe it’s masturbating for the first time. Maybe it’s when you enthusiastically consent to sex.”

Planned Parenthood did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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Kate Anderson is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.
Photo “Virgininty Video” by Planned Parenthood.




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  1. Randall Davidson

    Planned Parenthood is Whack.