Commentary: The Reason Biden Is So Insistent on Running

Joe Biden

We all come to a time when it is time to take stock. During my years at three major law firms, I barely remember any attorney there who was late into his or her sixties. The hours are demanding and grueling. If the attorney is not that good, he or she would not still have been there past the early forties anyway. The firms are not shy about handing out walking papers because long lines of applicants await a chance at those same high-paying jobs. Moreover, because those lines of vultures are so long, and those applicants are so hungry, the pressure on those with the jobs is intense because “One wrong move, and out you go.” But unlike the aphorism: “and do not turn the lights off, nor close the door behind you, because your replacement is sitting in the reception area ready to pounce in the moment you leave.”

So, if the weaker attorneys are gone by their forties or fifties, that would leave only the strong ones to be there into the sixties. But the strong ones make boatloads of money, in the many millions, and the cost-benefit analysis weighing the hours and pressure versus the opportunity to retire with millions and while still in reasonably good health leads the rest of them to retire by their early sixties. Among the few elders still hanging around at the mega firms, there are only three types of exceptions:

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Commentary: Addressing the Root Cause of Our Veterans’ Suicide Epidemic


On June 27th, I hosted a Special Order speech on the House floor to raise awareness of veteran Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I chose this date for a reason: June was National PTSD awareness month, and June 27th was National PTSD Awareness Day.

According to the National Center for PTSD, ten percent of all Veterans suffer from PTSD. PTSD is the leading cause of the Veteran suicide epidemic, claiming between 17 and 44 Veteran lives each and every DAY – a cumulative loss of nearly 150,000 Veteran lives since 9/11. This figure is 21 times greater than the 7,000 servicemembers we lost in post-9/11 warzones, making PTSD exponentially more lethal than combat.

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Commentary: Republicans Must Stop Retreating on Abortion

While President Joe Biden’s halting performance in the first 2024 presidential debate generated the most significant commentary, it was some of former President Donald Trump’s remarks that raised concerns for pro-life voters. Those remarks ended up foreshadowing the recently proposed Republican platform’s surrender on the abortion issue.

Trump’s first misstep was his contention that “everybody” wanted abortion regulated at the state level. “Fifty-one years ago you had Roe v. Wade,” Trump argued, “and everybody wanted to get it back to the states, everybody, without exception, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives. Everybody wanted it back… Ronald Reagan wanted it brought back” (emphasis added).

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Commentary: The Elites Abandon Biden

George Clooney and Barack Obama

The New York Times op-ed dropped just minutes before President Biden headed for his motorcade, and as he was driving across town to meet with union workers, all of Washington devoured the words of George Clooney, the movie star publicly calling on the president to step aside.

“It’s devastating to say it, but the Joe Biden I was with three weeks ago at the fundraiser was not the Joe ‘big F-ing deal’ Biden of 2010. He wasn’t even the Joe Biden of 2020,” Clooney wrote, setting up a betrayal worthy of the big screen. “He was the same man we all witnessed at the debate.”

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Commentary: The Huge American Sex-Abuse Scandal That Educators Scandalously Suppress

Every day millions of parents put their children under the care of public school teachers, administrators, and support staff. Their trust, however, is frequently broken by predators in authority in what appears to be the largest ongoing sexual abuse scandal in our nation’s history.

Given the roughly 50 million students in U.S. K-12 schools each year, the number of students who have been victims of sexual misconduct by school employees is probably in the millions each decade, according to multiple studies. Such numbers would far exceed the high-profile abuse scandals that rocked the Roman Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America.

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Commentary: Gavin Newsom Must Never Become U.S. President

Gavin Newsom

As President Biden’s age threatens to derail his reelection campaign, waiting in the wings and trying not to appear too eager is Gavin Newsom. It’s not easy. Wanting to be president with an intensity that might make Gollum’s lust for the One Ring appear prosaic, California’s governor knows that if Biden drops out, he’s the oddsmakers’ favorite.

But there is absolutely nothing Gavin Newsom has ever done that qualifies him to be president of the United States. If Newsom becomes the next U.S. president, he will accelerate a process that is already well underway and must be stopped at all costs: turning all of America into California.

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Commentary: The World Needs Fossil Fuels

fossil fuels

It’s summer, and the Sierra Club says: “This is climate change in action. We are living it.”

The United Nations’ secretary-general declares that “a fossil fuel phaseout is inevitable.” And The Lancet, a respected medical journal, insists that nations must swiftly transition away from hydrocarbons.

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Commentary: The Nationwide 500,000 Electric Vehicle Charger Charade

Tesla charging stations

The word charade has several meanings, and including an act or event that is clearly false (Cambridge Dictionary), something done just for show (, or a situation in which people pretend that something is true when it clearly is not (Oxford Leaner’s Dictionary).

The charade I refers to is President Biden’s $7.5 billion dollar investment to install 500,000 electric charging stations along America’s highways by 2030. A reliable and convenient public EV charging infrastructure is critical to achieve the President’s goal of meeting the recent EPA CO2 emission regulation that require nearly 72 percent of U.S. new light vehicle sales to be fully electric or plug-in hybrid by 2032. Without diving deeper into the announcement, one would likely assume that $7.5 billion is sufficient to construct the 500,000 charging stations, one every 50 miles along the nation’s highways.

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Commentary: Bidengate and the Doom Loop

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

The entire 2019-20 Biden candidacy and subsequent presidency were predicated on a rotten Faustian bargain. A hale Joe Biden would feign his aw-shucks, Joe from Scranton schtick. And an ossified working-class Joe’s camouflage would get the hard left elected—especially thanks to the changes in balloting laws that often saw only 30 percent of the electorate voting on Election Day in key states.

In exchange, the two narcissistic Bidens would bask in the power and attention of the presidency. From the start, Jill and the media would orchestrate deep cover for Joe’s escalating dementia as well as the true intentions of the now-in-power radical Democratic Party with its neo-socialist agenda. The former Obama acolytes would get their long-dreamed-of third presidential term. And this time they would enact a truly radical agenda while their string puppet mumbled to everyone that he was just old, familiar Joe working for the middle class.

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Commentary: Trump Has Been Leading National Polls Since September 2023

Donald Trump

Don’t look now, but former President Donald Trump has been leading a majority of national polls, nearly 53 percent, according to, since the polling for the 2024 election cycle began back in 2021, 182 out of 346 polls taken.

President Joe Biden has led just 114 of those polls, or almost 33 percent.

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