Antisemitic Incident Reports in U.S. Surged 360 Percent After Oct. 7 Hamas Attack

Pro-Palestine protest

Reports of antisemitic incidents in the United States surged by 360% after Hamas Oct. 7, 2023, terror attack on Israel.

From Oct. 7 to Jan. 7, the Anti-Defamation League recorded reports of 3,283 antisemitic incidents, which is a 360% increase from the same time period a year before, in which 712 incidents occurred, the advocacy group said Tuesday.

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Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Gives Latest Evidence Shredding White House Narrative on Biden Family Finances

The Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation, until it wasn’t. Joe Biden never met any of the family’s business partners or got proceeds from the ventures, until he did. And now there was an ethics agreement to govern Hunter Biden art sales during the Biden presidency until the art dealer in the middle of those sales revealed there wasn’t, at least to his knowledge.  

Renowned international art dealer Georges Bergès, whose galleries range from Berlin to New York, and represents Hunter Biden as an artist is the latest figure to blast a hole into the Biden White House narrative about the millions the first family has collected. 

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Johnson and Schumer Spending Deal Ignores Biden’s $106 Billion Request for Israel, Ukraine Aid, and More

Schumer Johnson

House Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s spending deal doesn’t include President Biden’s $106 billion request for a supplemental foreign aid package, Just the News has learned. Congress faces two appropriations deadlines of Jan. 19 and Feb. 2 before the federal government runs out of money.

The deal sets a top line for domestic and military spending through September 2024 at $1.59 trillion. The total reflects the parameters of the previously passed Financial Responsibility Act of 2023, which passed after former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reached a spending agreement with President Biden that raised the nation’s debt ceiling. 

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Rep. Mark Green Chairs Homeland Security Committee Mayorkas Impeachment Hearing

On one of the most consequential days in the GOP-led House, the process of impeaching United States Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas begins, the markup of the Hunter Biden contempt charges takes place, and the negotiations over the next spending bill continue as the deadline to avert a government shutdown draws closer.

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Mayorkas Says over 85 Percent of Illegal Aliens Are Released into U.S. Interior

Illegal Immigrants

by Virginia Allen   More than 85% of the illegal aliens encountered at the border are released into the interior of the U.S., according to reports. Following a private meeting between Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Border Patrol agents in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Monday, sources in the room told Fox News’ Bill…

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Turkish Smugglers Use Social Media to Help ‘Citizens of Every Country’ Reach the U.S. Border

Illegal Immigrants

Turkish smugglers appear to be using social media platforms to help migrants from across the globe enter the U.S. illegally through the southern border, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation review of Telegram and TikTok posts.

The advertisements offer arrangements for travel, visas and transportation directly to the U.S.-Mexico border for migrants in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Border Patrol encounters of migrants crossing the southern border illegally have hit numerous records in recent years, with more than 2.2 million encounters in fiscal year 2022 and more than 2 million in fiscal year 2023, according to federal data.

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Biden Admin Releases New Labor Rule Cracking Down on Independent Contractors

Remote Worker

The Department of Labor announced Tuesday the final version of a rule that will force companies to recognize some workers as employees instead of independent contractors.

The new rule goes into effect on March 11 and rescinds a previous rule establishing independent contractors as a separate class of workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act that was put in place in January 2021 under the Trump administration, according to the DOL release. The rule could raise labor costs by up to 30% for employers who utilize independent contractors, such as app-based services like Uber or Lyft, which offer a freelancing model, as employers would have to adhere to minimum wage and overtime laws, according to Reuters.

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