Nearly a Third of ‘Pro-Palestine’ Campus Protesters Had a Job Offer Rescinded, Survey Finds

Pro-Palestine protesters
by Adam Sabes


A recent survey found that 3 in 10 college students or recent graduates had job offers rescinded as a result of their “pro-Palestine” activism.

Intelligent surveyed 672 students or recent college graduates who have engaged in anti-Israel activism and found that 29% of them had a job offer rescinded in the past six months and 55 percent believe there was bias against them in the hiring process because of their activism.

7 in 10 pro-Palestine activists said they were asked about their protest history during the interview process, according to the survey results.

Intelligent Chief Education and Career Development Advisor Huy Nguyen said that the results are consistent with other studies.

“It’s consistent with another study that we performed where employers expressed concerns that hiring protestors and strongly vocal activists might cause distractions and disruptions in the workplace and negatively impact their workplace,” Nguyen said.

21 percent of those surveyed also reported negative feedback from potential employers about their activism and 14 percent either had job offers withdrawn or not extended.

The survey was conducted from May 30 to June 7 and only recent or current college or graduate-level students participated.

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Adam Sabes is the Deputy Editor at Campus Reform.
Photo “Pro-Palestine Protesters” by Paul Becker. CC BY 2.0



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