House Republicans Request All Documents Previously Turned over to January 6 Committee

Barry Loudermilk

House Chairman Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., sent requests to 15 federal agencies Wednesday asking for all documents that were previously turned over to the Jan. 6 Select Committee after that Democrat-led committee failed to hand over a majority of those files to the new Republican majority after the 2022 election.

Loudermilk’s House Administration Committee Subcommittee on Oversight has been investigating the response to Jan. 6 by various federal agencies and the Capitol Police as well as the investigation of the Democrat-run Jan. 6 committee and its final report.

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Dem-Majority FCC Helping George Soros Fast-Track Takeover of Nationwide Radio Network: ‘This Is Scary’

New York Post Left-leaning billionaire George Soros is trying to recruit the Democrat-controlled Federal Communications Commission to help fast track his takeover of the nation’s second-biggest radio network. Soros, 93, pumped $400 million into Audacy in February, a network which reaches 165 million monthly listeners and includes a handful of conservative…

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‘Pandora’s Box’ of Polyamory, Child Marriages Possible Under Proposed California Amendment, Group Warns

Fox News A pro-family California organization is warning that a proposed state constitutional amendment to eliminate the traditional definition of marriage from state law could potentially open up “Pandora’s box” to legitimize polyamorous, incestuous and child marriages. Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5 (ACA 5), which aims to repeal Proposition 8’s language that states…

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Top Biden Aides Worry over ‘Scary’ Situation of President Not Having a Serious Plan to Beat Trump: Report

Fox News Democratic strategists and advisers to President Biden are revealing concerns about the campaign’s direction and leadership with just months to go before the election in November.  A Democratic strategist who communicates with the Biden campaign said that he doesn’t know what plan Biden’s inner circle has to beat former President…

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Biden Announces Widespread Amnesty Plan for Illegal Immigrants

President Joe Biden announced a new plan on Tuesday that will fast track a path to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals who’ve been living in the country illegally for more than 10 years and married a U.S. citizen. He also expanded protections for DACA recipients, according to several reports.

In a statement issued by the White House, the president blamed Republicans in Congress for not securing the border and fixing the “broken immigration system.”

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Trump-Appointed Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Biden Abortion Rule for Employers in Two States

David Joseph

A judge on Monday temporarily blocked a federal rule in two southern states that would have required employers to provide time off and accommodations for employees seeking abortions.

U.S. District Court Judge David Joseph, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, issued an order preventing the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) from enforcing a rule in Mississippi and Louisiana that would require employers to provide abortion accommodations though stopped short of issuing a broader national injunction, per court filings. The rule was scheduled to take effect on Tuesday and would have dictated that abortions be included under the definition of “pregnancy, childbirth or related medical considerations,” thereby requiring that employers with at least 15 employees provide time off to their workers for abortions and related recovery.

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Report: The Biden Regime has Released 7.4 Million Migrants into the Country as Part of Catch and Release Program

Illegal Immigrants

Over seven million border crossers—including unvetted potential criminals, spies, terrorists and gang members—have been released into the country as part of the Biden Regime’s catch and release program, according to internal federal data obtained by Fox News. Another 1.9 million who snuck across the border between ports of entry are also loose in the country as Border Patrol agents have been pulled off the line to process “asylum seekers.”

The staggering numbers have prompted national security experts to warn that the threat of a terrorist attack in the coming months is at an all-time high, and have Republicans scrambling to tighten voting laws to prevent non-citizens from voting in the November elections.

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