Illegal Aliens Camping Out in Boston Airport

Boston Airport
by Eric Lendrum


Dozens of illegal alien families have begun camping out in Boston Logan International Airport, as the state of Massachusetts struggles to keep up with the rapidly expanding illegal population.

As the New York Post reports, over 100 illegals have been using cots on the floor in the airport’s international terminal, mirroring similar crises at other major airports such as Chicago O’Hare. Massachusetts State Police are being paid extra to patrol the area.

Governor Maura Healey (D-Mass.) made public remarks on the situation on Monday, openly blaming the Biden Administration for the increasingly disastrous circumstances.

“We need DC to act. We need Congress to act,” Healey said in a statement. “The path is there in terms of what needs to be done to fix the border situation, to change some of the asylum processes and to get much-needed funding to interior states who have had to shoulder the burden for a problem that is geopolitical and is not [of] the state’s making.”

Healey has demanded that the federal government spend another $250 million to deal with the illegal alien crisis in the state, even despite her own office estimating that the crisis could cost as much as $915 million next year. Having already declared a state of emergency, Healey has also suggested using the state’s $700 million in surplus funds to cover the aid.

Back in 2023, Healey said that at least 80% more illegals had arrived by August than they had at the same point in the previous year, admitting that “it’s exponentially more than our state has ever served in our emergency assistance program.”

Several months earlier, the interim CEO of the Massachusetts Port Authority, Ed Freni, issued a public statement declaring that the airport is “not an appropriate place” for illegals to stay.

“When they come to Logan, we meet them and we try to assist them, but we have to emphasize that Logan is not an appropriate place to house people,” Freni said at the time.

But the state of Massachusetts has already run out of room to shelter illegals, having reached the capacity of 7,500 families in emergency shelters back in November, with new arrivals being added to waitlists. Makeshift shelters have been set up, including sending illegals to churches and government conference rooms, among other last-minute options.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.
Photo “Boston Logan International Airport” by Chris Rycroft. CC BY 2.0.






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