Associated Press Paid by Left-Wing Groups to Spin Global Warming Coverage

by Eric Lendrum


The widely-read Associated Press (AP) has received numerous donations from far-left groups, leading to the outlet’s reporting on so-called “global warming” from a clearly left-wing slant akin to the language used by such groups.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, the AP received $300,000 in 2022 from the Denmark-based KR Foundation, a nonprofit group which claims to be focused on the “rapid phase-out of fossil fuels,” as well as transforming journalists into “community activists for climate change.” KR further intends to force “U.S. banks out of fossil fuels,” and shut down “some existing [oil and gas] infrastructure.”

Other groups that have been funding the AP’s “sweeping climate journalism initiative” include the Hewlett Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. Since these donations, the AP has made an effort to “infuse climate coverage in all aspects of the news report.”

In November, the AP released an article titled “How Did Humans Get to the Brink of Crashing Climate?” In the piece, the AP claims that the concepts of civilizational prosperity and technological progress are a result of the “long tentacles” of White people’s “feelings of racial and cultural superiority.” The AP declares that the only solution is a series of  “radical shifts away from centuries-old ideas of progress” in order to “shape a better future.”

Last month, the AP expressed sympathy for disruptive global warming protests which frequently commit acts of vandalism and block public roads, often earning the ire of the regular populace. In the piece, the AP says that such “boisterous” rallies carry a “serious” message: “Act now to stop the world from destroying itself.”

Despite the clear shifts in the AP’s reporting to directly parrot the demands of global warming activists, the outlet has denied any direct influence as a result of the hefty left-wing donations, saying that “no outside group has any influence over AP’s journalism.”

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness. 






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One Thought to “Associated Press Paid by Left-Wing Groups to Spin Global Warming Coverage”

  1. David Longfellow

    The media, and especially the AP are corrupt to the core.