Affluent Chicago Suburb Proposes Allowing Illegals to Live with Residents

Josh McBroom
by Eric Lendrum


In Illinois, a lawmaker has proposed that residents of a wealthy suburb outside Chicago should be allowed to host illegal aliens in their homes.

According to Fox News, Councilman Josh McBroom (D-Ill.) of Naperville, Illinois made the proposal at a city council meeting last week, declaring that “I do know that there’s a lot of people that do care, and I think we live in a compassionate community, so before we go down the road of, you know, following suit on some of these other cities are taking action on, my idea would be, let’s find out, let’s find out who’s willing to help.”

“We hear from people that tell us we should do more, so we do have a very affluent community, a lot of big homes, and what I’d like to do is direct staff to create a sign-up sheet…for individuals that would be willing to house migrant families,” McBroom (pictured above) continued. “And if there’s people that would do that, God bless them. So, if we could raise awareness in that way, I think we need to find out. I think we need to find out who would be willing to house migrant families. That would be my new business. I would be looking for support from the diocese.”

A spokesman for the office of the city manager of Naperville later confirmed that no actual resolution has been voted on yet, as the council simply “asked staff to prepare a future agenda item, so Council may consider whether to create a sign-up opportunity for residents to volunteer to host migrants.”

“City Council has not made any final decisions or taken any final action on this issue. It has not yet been determined the date of the City Council meeting this will be discussed. Until Council provides more direction, no further details will be available,” the spokesman added.

Illinois is one of several self-declared “sanctuary states” for illegals, overwhelmingly run by the Democratic Party, which has voiced support for an open-borders approach to immigration. In response, Republican governors such as Greg Abbott (R-Texas) have begun sending busloads of illegals from the border state to various sanctuary cities and states across the country, including Illinois. The stunt has put a spotlight on the hypocrisy of most Democrats who publicly voice support for illegals, but refuse to let them stay in their own neighborhoods.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.
Background Photo “Naperville, Illinois” by Sea Cow. CC BY-SA 4.0.






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