Commentary: The New Fundamentalism and the Religion of Politics

Congress at Night
by Steve Gruber


Those who would abolish religion and prohibit the free exercise thereof, are themselves religious. Those who would replace religion with the cult of reason, and sacrifice the soul before the altar of science, are unreasonable in the extreme: they are political extremists whose religion is politics.

This religion, with contempt for one nation under God, is in opposition to our civil religion. This religion, with contempt for the idea of God, that God exists, that God is true, that God is just, is without mercy. This religion, with contempt for the sons of Abraham, and of all who are children of God through faith, is a declaration of war against Jews and Christians

As there is no such thing as “no religion,” just worse religions, the religion of politics is one of the worst.

Look at the desecration of our institutions, due to Joe Biden. Look at the desecration of our laws, because of Biden. Look at the desecration of the sanctity of our southern border, under Biden.

We do not need an executive order that grants asylum to the first 2,500 who reach the border—each day. We do not want a race to the border. We must not permit anyone to breach the border.

And yet the invasion goes on, thanks to Biden and his accomplices, who would make America a home for all foreigners and leave Americans without a homeland.

For those who would make anti-Americanism a civic duty, Biden’s order is the patriotism of scoundrels. The order commands us to see no evil, and so hold a vigil for the death of liberty.

Such is the religion of politics, where eternal vigilance is no virtue and blind faith in Joe Biden is no sin. Such is a policy of maximum hospitality to strangers. Such is the effect of a policy authorizing the invasion of America.

Eighty years after the invasion of Normandy, let us always remember why we remember: that, in the words of President Reagan, “We will always be prepared, so we may always be free.”

To say Biden believes in freedom, that his actions are a testament to freedom, is to insult the memory of our honored dead.

Look at the rows of crosses and Stars of David, beneath which the dead rest. Look at the names of the missing, for nothing else remains; not even bones for a grateful nation to inter. Look at the graves that line the fields of the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in France.

The religion of politics would break every cross and smash every headstone, based on ideology.

This religion, with its slavish devotion to authority, would enslave us. This religion, with its love of hatred, would destroy us.

The religion of politics must not become the political religion of the Democrat Party.

Are there Democrats who remember the best among their party? Are there Democrats who long for the past, not because they romanticize the past, but because they mourn the Democrat Party in its present form? In a word: yes.

For these Democrats, the religion of politics is the enemy of all that is good. To these Democrats, we offer hope and charity.

The religion we believe in, with its many houses of worship, is the essence of America.

We are Jews, we are Christians; we are Protestants, we are Catholics; we are freedom-loving, God-fearing Americans.

We are, as President Kennedy says, “proud of our ancient heritage—and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today at home and around the world.”

If we believe America is the land of the free, we must honor our dead. If we believe America is the home of the brave, we must honor the living.

Freedom is our political religion.

– – –

Steve Gruber is the host of America’s Voice Live, which airs daily on Real America’s Voice TV



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