Commentary: Combating the Federal Government’s Determination to Allow a Border Invasion

Illegal Immigration
by Tim Greeson


The invasion of illegal aliens on our southern border is getting worse by the day. Texas is at the forefront of this problem, comprising almost half of the nation’s border with Mexico. After years of failure by the Obama and Biden administrations, our state has finally decided to act to protect our citizens.

A new law was signed by the governor, making illegal immigration a state crime and empowering local and state law enforcement to carry out this new law. This should have happened years ago. The border crisis is not new. Inaction by the governor has continued to allow illegal aliens, including documented terrorists, into our state.

For years, the Republican mantra has been that the federal government refuses to act on the border. However, this is a mischaracterization of the truth. In reality, the federal government is very willing to act on the border.

Back in October, the U.S. Border Patrol was ordered to cut razor wire that the State of Texas had installed. Thanks to the efforts of wrongly impeached Attorney General Ken Paxton, the State of Texas successfully sued and was granted a stay against the federal government removing the razor wire. Now, on Jan. 2, 2024, the federal government has gone back to the federal judge who granted the stay and is seeking permission to begin cutting wire again.

The federal government is not oblivious to what is happening. That is why, despite the ongoing crisis, the Biden administration has decided they would rather sue the State of Texas than allow it to protect its own citizens. Just this week, Biden’s partisan and weaponized Department of Justice (DOJ) sent a letter to Governor Abbott claiming that the Biden DOJ will “pursue all appropriate legal remedies to ensure that Texas does not interfere with the functions of the federal government.”

If it was not already clear enough, the federal government has openly declared war on our citizens, valuing future political power and drug cartel profits over our very lives. The federal government is now the enemy of the citizens of Texas and the nation.

To add insult to injury, Texas citizens are on the hook to not only live with the devastating burden of the failed border policies but also to pay for both sides of the upcoming lawsuit. Texas must pass legislation now to stop the federal government from taxing our citizens in order to pay for the federal government to continue to abuse us. Why do we continue to fund an enemy that is actively working against us?

And what is the Republican response to all of this? A law that is so desperately needed, but that won’t take effect until March 2024. They signed the law in the closing days of 2023, but it won’t go into effect until right around the March primaries. How convenient. Our elected Republicans in Austin seem to find the ongoing crisis acceptable and would prefer to score political points instead of protecting our citizens.

For more evidence of the Republican attitude on the border, we can look at the invasion declaration. Despite a long-overdue declaration of an invasion on Sept. 20, Texas military forces are still not fully deployed to our border. Inaction by our federal and state governments has led to more drugs and terrorists coming into our country and more rapes of little girls. Disgusting and pathetic.

It is time that the citizens of Texas start electing Republicans who will take our safety seriously. This new law criminalizing illegal entry into Texas is a great start. However, it is an extremely underwhelming and delayed response to an out-of-control crisis. Republicans continue to play legal games while Texans continue to suffer and aliens are trafficked along our border.

We need so much more. We must create a border unit, deploy armed Texas military forces to secure our border, and deport any illegal alien found in Texas. We must make it illegal for them to purchase or rent property, as well as drive or own a car. And we must enforce existing laws that make it illegal to hire them.

Furthermore, we must recognize that the federal government is our enemy and start treating them as such. We must pursue TEXIT, the Convention of States, and legislative initiatives to kick the federal government out of our state until they decide that they will abide by the Constitution.

Thankfully, despite the best efforts of the Republicans in the Texas State House, we still have Attorney General Ken Paxton, who will aggressively fight this new lawsuit from the Biden administration. Imagine if the House Republicans had been successful in removing the one guy in Austin actually fighting for us. It is hard to imagine a less active Republican response to this border crisis, yet that is exactly what we would have if the House Republicans had been successful in Paxton’s impeachment.

In the face of federal opposition and local Republican indifference, Texas citizens demand that we secure our borders. The legal battle ahead will not only determine the fate of Texas’ anti-illegal immigration laws but also set the tone for state rights in the face of an increasingly authoritarian federal government. The question remains: will the Republican Party rise to the occasion and protect our citizens, or will we cave to the Biden administration’s desire for future political power despite enda

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Tim Greeson is a contributor to American Greatness.
Photo “Illegal Immigrants” by Chief Jason Owens.






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