U.S. Soldier Charged with Building Bombs for the Gulf Cartel in Mexico


Mexican authorities arrested a former U.S. soldier who had allegedly been building explosives for the Gulf Cartel just south of the Texas border. The arrest had been kept largely under wraps as federal authorities built up the case against him, as he stands accused of manufacturing land mines and other explosives.

Breitbart Texas confirmed with sources from Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office that in May, a group of federal officers arrested William Louis Anhert in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas. The arrest came during a raid at a camp used by the Escorpiones faction of the Gulf Cartel. During that raid, authorities arrested several Gulf Cartel gunmen and seized various explosive devices and components.

Almost immediately after the arrest, Mexican authorities flew Anhert to Mexico City, where he has been held while awaiting trial on various federal charges tied to Mexico’s weapons and explosives laws. According to Mexican authorities, Anhert is a U.S. military veteran. However, details of his military career were not released. Anhert, a U.S. citizen, is reportedly wanted in Colorado for sex-related crimes.










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