Senate Border Deal Would Allow 5,000 Illegal Immigrants a Day

The Washington Times

Conservative activists are recoiling as details leak from the immigration deal being negotiated in the Senate suggesting illegal border crossers will be immediately eligible for work permits and the government will allow up to 5,000 illegal immigrants a day before new expulsion powers kick in.

Talks have been going on for weeks and the plans have been tightly guarded by the negotiators, but Rosemary Jenks, government relations director at the Immigration Accountability Project, said she’s been briefed by multiple people familiar with the negotiations and has been sharing details online.

She said the current framework includes a right to government-funded lawyers for illegal immigrant children struggling through the immigration courts, and would also expand legal immigration, both priorities for President Biden. In exchange, Republicans have won new limits on attempts to claim asylum and expanded speedy deportation powers, but no significant new restrictions on Homeland Security’s power to “parole” illegal immigrants directly into the U.S.











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One Thought to “Senate Border Deal Would Allow 5,000 Illegal Immigrants a Day”

  1. Nashville Stomper

    According to reports – even the ones on progressive outlets – The deal would allow 1.8 million entries per year before Biden is required to do anything.