Kansas Gov. Kelly Vetoes Ban on Gender Treatments for Minors

Laura kelly

Kansas Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly on Friday vetoed legislation that would have banned certain gender-related treatments for minors.

The “Substitute Bill for Senate Bill 233” would have banned gender surgeries and hormone treatments for minors and establish a civil means of action against healthcare providers who perform them.

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Supermajorities Oppose ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ for Minors, Against Biological Males Playing Female Sports, Poll Finds


A new poll finds that by a margin of nearly 3 to 1, respondents don’t think that it should be legal to provide minors with puberty blockers, drugs, and/or surgery to transition from one sex to the other. And by an even bigger margin, better than 7 to 1, respondents said that biological males who “identify” as female should not be permitted to compete in girls’ and women’s sports.

The Rasmussen Survey, conducted March 6 and 7 among 1,000 registered voters, also found that only 10% had ever introduced themselves using “preferred pronouns,” while fewer than half of those polled, 45%, had ever met someone who used their personal preferred pronouns to introduce themselves.

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Federal Court Greenlights Alabama’s Ban on Sex Change Hormones, Surgeries for Minors

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary order to lift an injunction preventing an Alabama law banning sex-change surgeries for minors from going into effect, according to court documents.

The law was halted in 2022 for the duration of the lawsuit by a district court, which claimed that the legislation illegally intruded into a patient’s medical decisions, according to the Associated Press. The appeals court ruled against the lower court’s decision in August, and on Thursday it lifted the injunction to allow the law to take effect while the appellate court continues to weigh the law.

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