World-Renowned Epidemiologist Fired from Harvard After Refusing COVID Vaccine

Martin Kulldorff and Harvard Medical School

World-renowned infectious-disease epidemiologist and biostatistician Martin Kulldorff is no longer a professor at Harvard Medical School after refusing the COVID vaccine because he had infection-acquired immunity.

Refusing the vaccine is a decision that lost him his appointment at a Harvard-affiliated hospital at the time several years ago — and this month led to his termination from the Ivy League school.

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Harvard Medical School Affiliate Looks to Retract Multiple Studies, Correct Papers

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

A Harvard Medical School affiliate is planning to retract six studies and correct 31 papers due to an ongoing investigation into several senior cancer researchers and administrators, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The investigation involves more than 50 papers, four of which are co-authored by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute CEO and President Dr. Laurie Glimcher, according to the WSJ. The institute has not determined whether research misconduct occurred, although several requests for retractions and corrections have been sent to journals.

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