Commentary: The Disgrace and Fall of the American Elite Campus

Police controlling anti-Israel campus protest

Anti-Israel/pro-Hamas campus protests have engulfed hundreds of college campuses. But the more coastal, blue-state, and supposedly elite the campus was, the more furious the violence that sometimes followed these demonstrations.

Even rowdier and more vicious street analogs shut down key bridges, freeways, and religious services. Protestors often defaced hallowed American monuments, national cemeteries, and iconic buildings. Visa-holders were among the worst perpetrators, adding ingratitude to their criminality.

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Congress to Leverage ‘Power of the Purse,’ Taking Aim at Big Education Amid Ugly Campus Riots

Claudia Tenney and James Comer (composite image)

The debate in Congress over federal funding of education dates to the days of Thomas Jefferson, but for the first time since Jimmy Carter created the U.S. Education Department a large number of lawmakers are now openly discussing cutting funding and changing the tax code to punish universities that have failed to quell anti-Israel riots and force a shift from the far-left ideologies that have taken root on most campuses.

“I think that the American people are pretty outraged about this, and they expect the Republicans in Congress to respond in kind with the power of the purse,” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer told the “Just the News, No Noise” television show last week after visiting the protest-wracked George Washington University campus.

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Police Clear Encampment at Major University After Protesters Shout ‘Kill the Jews’

Northeastern University encampment

Law enforcement began clearing a pro-Palestine encampment of protesters on a major university’s campus Saturday morning after some demonstrators apparently chanted “kill the Jews.”

The Northeastern University campus police and officers from other departments moved in to break up the encampment in Boston after the demonstration was “infiltrated” by outside protesters, the university said in a Saturday post to X. Some demonstrators apparently chanted “kill the Jews” and used other antisemitic slurs on Friday night, according to the university.

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Commentary: College Administrators and Professors Finally Reap What They Sow

Harvard student protesters

by David Huber   One of my favorite all-time films is 1982’s “The Verdict” starring Paul Newman as down-and-out attorney Frank Galvin who takes on a case against the Archdiocese of Boston. After astonishingly turning down a settlement offer from the defendant and opting to go to trial, Galvin soon…

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Biden Shifts Positions on Gaza ‘Ceasefire’ as Activist Pressure Mounts, Election Nears

President Joe Biden is quietly shifting strategy on the Israel-Hamas war amid a looming threat from activist groups and his voters ahead of the 2024 election.

For the first time since the war began on Oct. 7, the U.S. failed to veto a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution calling for a six-week “immediate” ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, tied to the release of the hostages in Gaza. The Biden administration’s decision comes after pressure from his voting bloc, outcry from protestors and unrest in the White House.

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Portrait of Lord Balfour at Cambridge Destroyed by Pro-Palestine, Anti-Israel Activists

Lord Balfour of Cambridge portrait destroyed by vandal

A portrait of Lord Arthur James Balfour at Trinity College at Cambridge was destroyed Friday by pro-Palestinian activists.

In a video posted on social media by Palestine Action, a young woman in a blue puffy jacket is seen spraying red spray paint on the painting then slashing the canvas with a sharp tool.

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