Tom Zawistowski: Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown ‘In a Pickle,’ May End Up Ditching Biden to Save Himself

Tom Zawistowski, president of the We the People Convention, said incumbent Ohio U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is “in a pickle” as he continues to dodge questions surrounding President Joe Biden’s ability to carry out the duties as commander in chief and whether or not Biden should be replaced on the 2024 presidential ticket.

On Monday, after weeks of dodging questions about Biden’s apparent decline, Brown told an NBC reporter, “I’m not a pundit. I’ve talked to people across Ohio. They have legitimate questions about whether the president should continue his campaign, and I’ll keep listening to people.”

Zawistowski said Brown’s comment to the reporter signals he may be looking to oust Biden as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee as a way to save his own reelection bid in the U.S. Senate.

“What’s really going on here, folks, is not that these Democrats are concerned about winning the presidency. They’re concerned about saving their own hide. Sherrod Brown will not come out and say he supports Joe Biden. Instead, he’s saying the Democrats around Ohio have questions about the president,” Zawistowski said on Wednesday’s edition of The Michael Patrick Leahy Show.

“I have a question for you, Sherrod. You’ve known Joe Biden for 30 years. You were in the Senate with Joe Biden. Why didn’t you call him out for not being able to be the president of the United States? How come you stayed silent? Sherrod Brown is going to have a real hard time with that,” Zawistowski added.

Zawistowski went on to point out how Brown has voted “100 percent” with Biden, meaning that the senator also carries the blame when it comes to the nation’s high inflation, illegal immigration, and more unpopular policies.

“The second problem [Brown] has is that he’s voted 100 percent with Joe Biden. So all of the illegal immigration, all of the Green New Deal nonsense, all of the inflation, and all of the Ukraine money – Sherrod Brown’s been in lockstep with Joe Biden. So he’s in a pickle and he’s looking for a way out. The only way he sees out is probably to get rid of Joe Biden as [the Democratic Party’s] nominee,” Zawistowski said.

When it comes to the November elections, Zawistowski said Republicans are “all for” Democrats rallying behind Biden as their nominee as the decision could bring a “Carter-esque wipeout year” for the Democratic Party.

“The Democrats in Ohio are fearing what Democrats across the country are throwing, and that is that they can have a Carter-esque wipeout year where they just literally lose across the board if Joe Biden remains their nominee. So we’re all for Joe Biden staying in,” Zawistowski said.

Zawistowski also addressed the Ohio U.S. Senate election between Brown and Republican nominee Bernie Moreno, saying Moreno – although an outsider – has a chance to beat the incumbent Democrat if grassroots organizers work to get Moreno’s name recognition up across the state.

“[Moreno] is definitely an outsider. He’s a Trump guy…The bottom line is he just needs to get his name recognition up…Trump’s going to be the one that carries Bernie Moreno and carries the state. I think that’s the bottom line. People say, ‘How can anyone beat Sherrod Brown? He’s won so many elections.’ But the reality is, Sherrod Brown’s never run with Donald Trump on the ticket, and that’s going to bring out people who are going to vote straight [Republican] and that’s going to be a good thing for all of us because we need to take the Senate and the House along with the presidency,” Zawistowski said.

“Here in Ohio, we think we might be able to pick up three House seats in addition to the Senate seat,” Zawistowski added.

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