San Francisco to Vote on Measure to Drug-Test Welfare Recipients

San Francisco
by Eric Lendrum


The far-left city of San Francisco will soon be voting on measures that could reverse liberal policies when it comes to crime, drug use, and homelessness, in what would mark a stunning rebuke of progressive policies in the Democratic stronghold.

As reported by Fox News, when Californians go to vote on Tuesday in the “Super Tuesday” primaries, San Francisco residents will be able to vote on several ballot measures including Proposition F and Proposition E.

Proposition F would mandate drug-test screening for all welfare recipients, and any drug addicts who are caught would have to undergo treatment if they want to continue receiving handouts. Proposition E would provide stronger surveillance tools to law enforcement while also reducing oversight on the police. Among other things, Proposition F would “loosen restrictions on car chases” and “ease reporting requirements in use-of-force cases and end a requirement that the Board of Supervisors approve the purchase of technology such as drones,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

In the latest poll ahead of the vote, conducted by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, 61% of the city’s voters support both ballot measures; in a separate question, 72% say that the city is heading in the wrong direction.

San Francisco’s woes with crime, homelessness, and drug use have been well-documented in recent years, with many businesses fleeing the city as crimes such as shoplifting go unpunished, and with needles and other drug paraphernalia littering the streets in certain areas.

The shifting public sentiment in even one of the most left-wing cities in the world does not bode well for Mayor London Breed (D-Calif.), who is running for re-election but facing four challengers. One poll conducted in late February shows Breed coming in second in the primary to former San Francisco supervisor Mark Farrell.

San Francisco has already proven capable of ousting far-left officeholders in stunning upsets in recent years. In 2022, far-left District Attorney Chesa Boudin (D-Calif.), who was raised by domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, was recalled from office and replaced with fellow Democrat Brooke Jenkins.

California is one of 15 states that will be voting on Tuesday, casting votes in the presidential primaries, as well as primaries for the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, and the state legislature.

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