Government of Peru Categorizes Transgender People as ‘Mentally Ill’

Dina Boluarte Peru
by Eric Lendrum


On Wednesday, the health ministry of Peru formally announced that all people who identify as “transgender” or “non-binary” will now be classified as “mentally ill.”

As reported by the Daily Caller, President Dina Boluarte signed the decree, which declares that “transsexualism, dual-role transvestism, gender identity disorder in childhood, other gender identity disorders and fetishistic transvestism” will all be considered mental illnesses by the government going forward. As such, Peruvians suffering from these conditions will now be “guaranteed full coverage of medical attention for mental health.”

Peru’s declaration comes as countries around the world have gradually begun cracking down on transgenderism, after a period of immediate and unquestioning acceptance by popular culture and the mainstream media. England’s National Health Service (NHS) recently banned all puberty blockers for children, in order to avoid “huge harms” that such drugs have been known to cause; the English government also declared that “gender-neutral” bathrooms will no longer be mandated in the construction of new buildings.

In Germany, a study published in February determined that puberty-blockers and other hormonal treatments are usually “low quality” and contain “significant conceptual and methodological flaws.” These treatments also do nothing to improve a child’s mental health, the study revealed.

The United Kingdom, Finland, and Norway have all issued statements declaring that there is no proof that the alleged benefits of such treatments outweigh the risks. As such, Norway has recommended that any such procedures be classified as “experimental” treatments.

Although transgenderism was largely forced upon the world and accepted without question for roughly the last decade, recent studies have shown that such a belief is a temporary mental illness rather than a permanent identity. A study by KHN found that, among all children who believe themselves to be “trans,” anywhere from 65% to 94% ultimately abandon these delusions by the time they reach adulthood.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.
Photo “President Dina Boluarte” by Presidencia Perú. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.





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