Dems’ Black, Latino Advantage Has Massively Shrunk Under Biden, Polls Show

Latinos for Trump
by Jason Cohen


The Democratic Party has hemorrhaged black and Hispanic support over the course of President Joe Biden’s tenure, according to Gallup polling data published on Wednesday.

The substantial advantage that the Democratic Party previously held over Republicans in terms of black Americans in general and Hispanic Americans aged 18 to 29 has diminished by almost 20% in the last three years, according to Gallup. The Democratic Party now has a significantly smaller lead over the Republican Party with these demographics.

Democrats still have a 47% advantage over Republicans with non-Hispanic Black adults, but this is the lowest lead the party has had since 1999, with the majority of the drop occurring since 2020 as it fell from 66%, according to Gallup. Democrats lost 11% and Republicans gained 8% with this demographic during the three-year period.

Moreover, Democrats now have a 12% lead with Hispanic adults over Republicans, which is the lowest since 2011, according to Gallup.

The Democratic Party has received a boost in support among Americans with college and postgraduate educations, according to Gallup. Postgraduates now majorly lean toward the Democratic Party in contrast to Americans with no college education.

The party has not lost significant ground with women, older adults or white adults, according to Gallup.

Only 27% of Americans self-identified as Democrats in a December poll, which was the party’s smallest figure in Gallup’s recorded history, according to the survey.

The White House and Democratic National Committee did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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Jason Cohen is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.
Photo “Latinos for Trump Supporter” by Anthony Crider.CC BY 2.0.





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