Cohen Testifies He Stole from Trump Organization

by Steven Richards


Key prosecution witness Michael Cohen in the Trump hush money trial testified Monday under cross-examination that he stole from the Trump Organization, for whom he worked for over a decade.

Cohen, who was a Trump attorney and fixer before turning on his former boss, admitted he failed to fully reimburse a company that provided services to the Trump Organization and pocketing the difference.

The admission comes as Cohen has faced significant credibility issues as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s key witness.

Legal experts say Cohen’s testimony has undermined the case, especially due to his past convictions for perjury.

In 2017, the Trump Organization owed technology company Red Finch $50,000 for services rendered. Cohen, who helped facilitate the transaction, asked for a $100,000 reimbursement, “grossed up” to account for taxes, from the Trump Organization.

However, on the stand Monday, Cohen admitted that he stole from Trump, only paying $20,000 to Red Finch and pocketing the remaining $60,000 for himself.

“So the $50,000 that you got back from Red Finch … you only paid the Red Finch owner $20,000, right?” Blanche asked Cohen.

“Yes sir,” Cohen replied.

The lawyer clarified that Cohen pocketed the $60,000 difference and confirmed this was stealing.

“You did steal from the Trump Organization based upon the expected reimbursement from Red Finch?” Blanche asked.

“Yes sir,” Cohen replied, according to CNN.

Cohen said multiple prosecutors from the district attorney’s office are aware that he stole form the Trump Organization and acknowledged that he has not plead guilty to alleged crime.

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