Commentary: The Ever-Continuous Villaining of Joe Biden and His Minions

Joe Biden speaking at podium
by Scott McKay


I’ve discussed the “hero’s journey of Donald Trump” here in this column multiple times — and it turns out I couldn’t get away from it even if I wanted to. Every day we hear a drumbeat of evidence that the Left — the media-governmental-intelligence Deep State complex that has declared war on the entire world, with the free American people its primary enemy — has gone absolutely off the deep end.

Villains gonna villain, y’all. And these villains are villaining like the clock is running out on them.

I’ll get the destruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge over Baltimore Harbor out of the way first because I expect that some of the ubiquitous Democrat trolls in the comments will want to assume it’s part of this discussion. It isn’t really, at least not yet, though there are some manifestations of the theme in the reaction to the bridge going down thanks to a rogue container ship crashing directly into one of its uprights early Tuesday.

For example, there is Joe Biden, who could not help himself but to lie about his personal connection to that bridge:

At about 1:30, a container ship struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which I’ve been over many, many times commuting from the state of Delaware either on a train or by car. I’ve been to Baltimore Harbor many times. And the bridge collapsed, sending several people and vehicles into the water — into the river.

What marks the lie here? How about the fact that you can’t take a train over that bridge. It has no railroad tracks; it’s just a four-lane roadway.

Why is it necessary for this quintessential political troglodyte to force himself onto every news hook possible as though each were somebody’s kid whose hair he just had to dig in and get a snootful of?

Biden promised that the federal government would pay to rebuild the bridge. Why would you make that statement before we even know the actual cause of its destruction, Dirty Joe?

The official word is that the ship hitting that bridge and knocking it down was an accident. Perhaps so, but video of the incident appears to show the ship losing power, regaining it, and then losing power again before smacking directly into that stanchion:

We don’t know anywhere near enough about why that ship lost power, and, until we do, nobody ought to say much of anything about responses or consequences. It could be that someone out there owes a lot of money to rebuild that bridge. Like the shipping line or … whoever had a hand in that ship losing power. Why put the world’s largest debtor on the hook for the bridge before any of those ground balls have been run out?

It’s a little suspicious. It makes one think of Victoria Nuland, another one of our Deep State villains, and her little speech about how funding Ukraine makes “asymmetrical warfare” against Russia — meaning Russian economic and industrial infrastructure — more possible.

It also makes one think about the Netflix movie Barack and Michelle Obama executive-produced back in December. The first scene in Leave the World Behind that indicates something has gone horribly wrong has an oil tanker bizarrely go to ground directly on a beach in the Hamptons. At least in the movie the ship didn’t knock down a major bridge and close one of America’s biggest ports indefinitely.

There are suspicious things, and then there are terrible things.

Speaking of which, let’s get this one out of the way as well, because I just … can’t. I didn’t think it was possible to be more awful than Michelle Obama, but then Jill Biden is the very definition of an AWFL, isn’t she?

to wit:

Another terrible thing is this:

President Joe Biden is currently considering granting amnesty to illegal migrants in a bid to act on the worsening immigration crisis, according to Politico.

Biden and his administration are weighing several ideas to take a tougher stance on the southern border crisis and illegal immigration amid criticisms he has thus far failed to act on either. The administration could start dolling out green cards to illegal immigrants who have long stayed inside the United States, thereby giving them amnesty to stay in the country, three people familiar with the planning told Politico.

The plan would grant migrants who have been in the country for more than 10 years access to the cancellation of removal program provided that they have relatives who would suffer if they were deported, according to Politico. Migrants could then receive a green card — a permanent residency grant — if they meet the cancellation of removal requirements and an immigration judge rules in their favor.

Ace of Spades had the correct take on this when he noted the blistering bad faith inherent in these unilateral amnesties:

Everytime Biden or Democrats talk about “fixing the border,” they immediately talk about simply making it legal to illegally cross the border.

There. It’s fixed. They’re not illegals anymore.

And they act as if they have responded to our demands in good faith, and offered us a real solution which we are just rejecting out of partisan spite.

But the contempt isn’t just for regular Americans, though we are undoubtedly the Great Satan to the Deep State mullahs. Just like the other cheerleaders for the apocalypse that today’s Left can’t get enough of, Israel is the Little Satan.

Yesterday here at The American SpectatorShmuel Klatzkin covered the latest example of this — Biden’s unsuccessful (thanks to the clearer heads from Russia and China) U.N. security resolution seeking a demand for a ceasefire in Gaza:

Biden’s gang — the Obamaites who run the government — really would like to keep Israel unable to defend itself and unable to bring about a real peace, as the resolute Israel–America alliance achieved with the Abraham Accords. The Obama infatuation with the mullahs of Iran would be over. Can’t happen. We really love people who hate America and Israel and plot for their utter destruction. Perhaps they revere them as the prophets of wokeism?

In their policy, Israel should not defeat the perpetrators of the mass rape and murder — even though Hamas is the criminal party for using its citizens as shields, and for causing starvation by taking the food that has been shipped into Gaza for itself and then getting rich by selling what it doesn’t eat on the black market to desperate Gazans. And as the figurehead, Biden spouts out before the world nearly every lie issued by the Hamas mass rapists, from delusional casualty figures to accusations of Israel’s complicity in starving the population that Hamas wants dead as part of its war strategy.

The Bidenites are trying to make sure that that strategy is successful.

It’s mind-boggling to think that Joe Biden and his handlers are trying to use the U.N. to force Israel into surrendering when Hamas is still holding American hostages. One would think those Americans, or their corpses, would have to be turned over before there could be any discussion of our involvement in creating peace talks.

And why are we demanding ceasefires in Gaza but not in Ukraine? Interesting question, that.

Oh, but there is more.

For example, this:

Two groups are running a “misleading, unsolicited mass mailing of pre-filled voter registration forms targeting Alabama mailboxes,” according to an alert from Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen.

In his warning, Allen says his office has “officially discouraged” the mailer, which is in no way affiliated with the state.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that left-wing groups founded by an old Clinton family friend are behind the effort. According to the secretary of state’s office, the Voter Participation Center and Center for Voter Information have said they intend at least two rounds of mass mailings.

“On two occasions, this Office was contacted on behalf of Voter Participation Center and Center for Voter Information regarding a mailer they planned to send to Alabama citizens,” Allen said in the alert. “In response, I strongly discouraged the group’s plan to mass mail our citizens.”

According to activist tracker InfluenceWatch, the Voter Participation Center (VPC) was launched in 2003 as Women’s Voices Women Vote, before expanding its mission and changing its name nearly a decade later.

Why Alabama? Democrats aren’t winning any elections there.

It’s because they can, that’s why. And if this villainy has to be defended in Alabama, that fight eats up resources that would be better used in swing states.

Back to Team Biden, because it still represents the most concentrated villainy on the planet. Remember how Dirty Joe likes to say it’s Republicans who want to “defund the police” because there are calls, and rightly so, to break up the corrupt FBI?

Here’s how much the Biden gang likes cops:

Oh, wait — we’re not done with presidential spokeslesbian Karine Jean-Pierre:

But perhaps we are done cataloguing the villainy of the Left for one day. There is only so much outrage one can stand, after all.

And they know this. They count on it. They push more aggressively on more fronts than any political entity since the Chinese Cultural Revolution. That’s why it’s necessary to turn them out of power as thoroughly as possible this fall, even if the Republicans are woefully inadequate to the task of rolling back this black cloud of villainy covering the fruited plain.

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Scott McKay is a contributing editor at The American Spectator and publisher of the Hayride, which offers news and commentary on Louisiana and national politics, and, a national political news aggregation and opinion site.
Photo “Joe Biden Speaking” by The White House.



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