Commentary: Republicans Should Stop Complaining About Their Opportunities and Take Advantage of Biden’s Failures

Joe Biden
by Scott McKay


After I offered a perfectly accurate negative summation of current market/industry conditions when speaking on a business venture I can’t yet discuss (but that will be quite relevant indeed to the interests of our readers), I received an admonishment from my business partner: “Stop complaining about your opportunities!” It’s an even more accurate response than mine.

All too often we spend our time grousing about the state of the world, and yet, the worse things get, the greater the opportunity grows to take control and make them better.

This applies largely across life’s board. But since we mostly talk about politics in this space, let’s apply the maxim there.

What we find is that it’s very applicable indeed.

More and more, it’s becoming obvious that conservatives have the greatest opportunity for a sea-change election since 1980. Sure, I’m offering a darkest-before-the-dawn analysis. But the fact that everything is coming apart is both a frightening manifestation of societal decline and a golden moment for potential change.

It’s best to see it primarily as the latter.

After all, why would’t you? If it’s all going to hell in a handbasket, that’ll still be true if you take a chance at fixing it and fail.

And Joe Biden and the radical idiot leftist mob propping him up are sending us to hell in a very big handbasket. This we can’t deny.

Take the economy, for example:

Boy, that is an absolutely awful prognosis. Man the lifeboats, right?

Right. The economy is, in a word, screwed. Deficit spending is debasing the currency and strangling the economy. It’s destroying access to home ownership for an entire generation of Americans, prices are out of control and now getting worse at a faster pace, producers are getting squeezed both by prices up and down the supply chain and the skyrocketing cost of regulatory compliance, and — to make it even worse — producers are unable to pass those costs on to an increasingly tapped-out consumer.

This is almost certain to crash, and soon. It’s all unsustainable. The only solution is a massive sea-change — such as, for example, the one Javier Milei is putting together in Argentina, which went from out-of-control government deficits to a surplus almost immediately. Now, Milei is making a lot of fast enemies doing what was necessary to rescue his country from the effects of Marxist tyranny, but what he’s proven is that unsustainable deficits are merely a function of will — and so might be balanced budgets and functioning economies.

So, the opportunity exists to politically monetize the pain of Bidenomics and to promise something different:

That’s an example of a prototype. All Republican candidates need to be out there preaching economic doom and hanging it on their Democrat opponents, and they ought to be laying it on as thick as they possibly can with zero reservations or limitations.

You and your family will be homeless and dumpster diving if you don’t get these Democrats out of power right now. Think I’m lying? Go ask all the Venezuelans who just walked across the border at Dirty Joe Biden’s invitation. They’ll tell you, because they’ve dealt with two decades’ worth of Bidenomics back in the home country and THAT’S WHAT YOU GET.

What’s the comeback to that? That you’re spreading conspiracy theories? Really? Say “conspiracy theory” now, and most immediately assume you’re a liar or a dupe, but they at least want to check out the “conspiracy theory” in question because it’s even money that it’ll pan out in six months.

Nobody — at least, nobody outside of the “experts” who can’t stop being colossally wrong in their projections — was surprised to see the economy descend into stagflation. We all saw it coming. And we all know the binary of what’s next: Either correct course or become Venezuela. Economically, this sucks; politically, it’s outright manna from heaven, and Republicans should take advantage of it.

How about the Trump trials? In this week’s CNN poll that had the Donald beating Dirty Joe by 6 points in a head-to-head and by 9 points with the third-party candidates in the race, some 57 percent of the respondents agreed with the notion that all of these Trump indictments are really just lawfare designed to knock him out of the presidential race.

The public gets it. They don’t — or, at least, most of them don’t — like it. So, while it’s a horrible abuse of the judicial system and a grave threat to the future of the republic, it’s also a tremendous opportunity.

Trump’s trial in New York isn’t something the Right should be wringing its hands over. We’ve already written and said all the correct things about what Dirty Joe and his flying DEI monkeys (thanks, Joy Reid!) have done to our courts. At this point, we should be embracing this abuse for the disqualifying, squalid political mistake it is.

Somebody ought to make and distribute millions and millions of little plastic kangaroos with “Let’s Go Brandon” signs on their chests and a very peculiar, earthy smell easily recognizable from the zoo or a barnyard and spread them everywhere. Drop them out of helicopters outside of that kangaroo courthouse in New York; litter the White House lawn with them; deliver them to local Democrat Party headquarters across the country; brandish them at photo opportunities where Dem politicians mug for cameras. Do everything possible to make the kangaroo, rather than the jackass, the preferred mascot of the Democrats so that everyone associates them with the kangaroo courts hearing those Trump cases.

The message behind the message is obvious: These corrupt bastards are doing everything they can, outside of custom and law, to bring down Trump, a former president and one of the richest and most powerful men in the world. What do you think would stop them from doing it to you?

People don’t like the idea of that at all, so it ought to be made crystal clear to them that this is exactly what’s going on.

Hell, it’s not even about Trump. Look at Daniel Penny. Look at Daniel Perry, whose circumstances were as similar to Penny’s as his name. Perry was the U.S. Army sergeant who found himself surrounded in his car by a mob of Antifa demonstrators in Austin, Texas, back in 2020, and he shot one who was brandishing a rifle at him. The idiots in Austin found him guilty of murder last year.

Look at the Jan. 6 protesters and the treatment they’ve received compared to the Antifa and BLM goons, not to mention the Hamas stooges on all of those campuses.

I could go on. You get the picture. People are very uncomfortable with the idea that the justice system has been politicized beyond recognition. So, hang that travesty on Dirty Joe and his handlers and allies, and demand that they be made to pay for it.

The border? Can’t get a better example of a grand opportunity than that. Biden’s migrant invasion — and especially the fact that it serves as a cover for a specific invasion of military-age males from China and certain Middle Eastern countries of a particular religious persuasion not generally congenial to American notions of individual liberty and personal morality — might present the greatest political opportunity in American history. There’s something for everybody here: You can talk about how Biden has depressed the wages of the American working class by bringing in replacement workers for corporate America to use as effective scabs. You can talk about how he’s betrayed blacks and Hispanics with those migrants. You can talk about how he’s stretching the welfare state to the breaking point in putting millions of illegals on the dole, while clogging up public schools, hospitals, daycare centers, jails, and every other facility you can think of by importing the huddled masses and redistributing public resources away from Americans who need them.

The border alone ought to be enough to destroy the Democrats, because Biden’s migrant invasion has hit their own voters hardest. By all means, make them understand that.

The trans issue. The Chinese bribes. The DEI clown show that keeps on clowning. The pandering to Hamas. The stupid EV mandates that hold the promise of breaking our auto industry and leaving businesses and consumers without reliable transportation. Name an issue and these clowns have made it worse — and, almost universally, obnoxiously so.

I could write a whole book about the oodles of golden opportunities for political annihilation the Democrats have presented.

We have lots of internecine fights on the right over which we can tear each other apart. Let’s have those next year, after we’ve taken power and begun experimenting with how to finally use it effectively. The most important job now — in fact, the only job now — is to recognize and appreciate the gifts the Left is giving.

Stop looking at this as the end of the world. Start looking at it as the end of their world. Because it is — if we’re good enough to make them suffer for their sins.

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Scott McKay is a contributing editor at The American Spectator  and publisher of the Hayride, which offers news and commentary on Louisiana and national politics, and, a national political news aggregation and opinion site. Scott is also the author of The Revivalist Manifesto: How Patriots Can Win The Next American Era, and, more recently, Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s All Obama, available November 21. He’s also a writer of fiction — check out his four Tales of Ardenia novels AnimusPerditionRetribution and Quandary at Amazon.
Photo “Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 2.0.



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