Commentary: Preserving Family Values and the Family Itself Are Critical Factors in this Election

by Lee Rizzuto


In today’s political discourse, conversations about saving our nation and its future are increasingly common. Key issues such as border security, increasing crime, economic stability, and rising inflation dominate headlines.

However, amidst these pressing concerns, there is a critical, yet often overlooked, issue that demands our immediate attention.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “The family has always been the cornerstone of American society.”

We are witnessing in America, a systematic erosion of that cornerstone.

Family values are defined as the principles which allow one man and one woman the opportunity to marry, have children, and earn a living to pay for the care and raising of their children – in short, family values are laid out early in our nation’s founding – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Across America, there is a palpable sense of concern as these core principles are under threat.

Divisive ideologies that preach blatant falsehoods have infiltrated our communities, our schools, our homes, our minds, our children’s minds.  A man cannot become a woman and vice versa – a biological truth, yet one that is treated as bigotry by those seeking to destroy the cornerstones of society.

Those spreading these falsehoods are now controlling our governmental and educational institutions. They have weaponized school curricula and the justice system. From armed FBI raids on pastors’ homes to the labeling of parents as terrorists for voicing concerns at school board meetings, there is a growing sense of unease, indeed a sense of fear about the direction in which the nation is heading.

One of the most concerning manifestations of this moral decay is the sexualization of children. Schools are increasingly encroaching on parental rights by discussing topics such as gender identity and offering counseling on transitioning a child from one gender to another without parental consent. This is prima facie insanity.

Additionally, the inclusion of biological males in women’s sports and into their bathrooms raises serious concerns about fairness and safety, further highlighting the erosion of traditional values. The establishment as it is, attacks biology, and thus God, by normalizing full-term abortions. Recent legislative efforts by liberals in Congress to expand abortion rights to include “aborting” a baby at full-term underscore the urgent need to address this moral crisis.

In America, our officials are only allowed to act in this craven manner if we the people grant them the right to.

As we approach the upcoming election, it is imperative that we prioritize candidates who not only demonstrate a love for our country, but also have a clear vision for restoring our cherished family values.

This election the choice is clear, we must vote for a leader who will not only fix our domestic, economic, and global problems, but one who will prioritize the restoration of the American family.

Unlike Joe Biden, who shamefully feigns the sign of the cross while endorsing late-term abortion, Donald Trump ardently defends the American family. Donald Trump is the only candidate that can lead us out of these dark days and restore our core American principles.

– – –

Lee Rizzuto is the former Consul General to Bermuda.



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